It's Market Season!!!  
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May 3rd: Whitewater
May 7th: Fort Atkinson 
May 14th: Fort Atkinson
May 17th: Whitewater
May 21st: Fort Atkinson



Flavors of the Month

Raspberry Oreo Cheesecake

- It must be May as this fan favorite is back for a limited time.  A Oreo Cheesecake Marshmallow topped with a Raspberry Marshmallow is fan-tastic no matter how you eat it.  See why this one is highly sought after!

Root Beer Float
-  A Creamy Top Root Beer Marshmallow marks the start of Spring for us!  Find out why kids (and kid's at heart) can't wait for this one to come around.  

***Hot Cocoa Time***

Lip Smacking Hot Cocoa in Regular and in Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa! 

Single Cup Packs available now on our order page

Marshmallows of the Month Box!

      A curated box each month that includes a 1/4Pound of one of the Flavors of the Month, a small bag of another great flavor, and a little something extra.

 Subscription is a one time charge, no automatic renewal.   Price includes shipping.

           3 Months $17 Month 

          6 Months $16 Month

Best Deal! 12 Months $15 Month

Now available: 
Gluten Free Graham Crackers!  
Finally a Gluten Free Graham that doesn't taste like cardboard!

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Let us introduce you to a new way of thinking about marshmallows! 

No longer are they simply for s'mores or hot chocolate--oh no, not anymore.

 This is your new snack option!  Each 1x1 inch marshmallow is around 30 calories,  but it feels like bite-sized heaven.  They are amazingly soft, melt-in-your-mouth good, and versatile as well! 

These marshmallows are like no other!



We are licensed by the state of Wisconsin.

We are very sensitive to those who may have allergies.  These are prepared in a licensed/commercial kitchen.   We use shared equipment that may also process gluten, nuts of all types, soy, milk, eggs, and cocoa.

If you have allergies please contact us before ordering.

Contact Us!

Jason & Michelle

Owners/ Flavor Composers

Phone:  262.745.6876

Lake Mills, WI

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